2 Uppin' All Weekend

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Rode around with this broad all weekend...was fun

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yay! i'm a retard who rides with no helmet or anything while taking pictures with a chick on the back of my bike. i'm smart.

Does it really look like i'm taking pictures?
Or does it look like i'm actually paying attention to riding and she's being a girl and taking pictures of everything she possibly can?

Yeah, i don't have a helmet, jacket, or gloves on though...
Gotta love arizona.

i never said YOU were taking pictures. you inferred that incorrectly. lol

"I'm a retard who rides ... while taking pictures."

Without using a new subject, the subject in "I'm," a contraction for "I am," will carry over and be used on the following verbs until a new subject is introduced.

This daily grammar lesson has been brought to you by the letter FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU.

nope. it remains true. you were taking pictures. in the general sense. you were participating in the picture taking by being a subject of the picture. you just chose to believe i meant YOU personally also performed the act of holding the camera and pushing the button. this assumption was incorrect on your part.

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